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PerusTele Oy is a service integrating company. We work with business customers and provide solutions for corporate telephone and computer networks.

Our customers value our approach to the delivery of the services – we aim to:

  • understand our customers’ need and requirements in order to select the most suitable products for them;
  • develop the “turn-key” solutions, resolving all issues within one go, for our customers not to waste time on the technical setting for their offices;
  • ensure savings for our customers, changing over to new systems;
  • deliver personal customer care by our own employees.

Our customers include a number of Finnish and international businesses, some of which have a number of offices in Finland and abroad. The key of our success is in our commitment to learn about our customers’ needs and building up a personalized dedicated services according to their requirements.

In partnership with the leading operators and IT integrators we can find the best solutions to satisfy all your communication needs, including for data transmission and voice telephony.

Perustele provides businesses with complete IP switchboard solutions, comprehensive mobile services and voice-optimised local network solutions.

The best partners

We develop our products and services based on the co-operation with the leading providers and vendor both in Finland and globally. They share our view on the development of future communication solutions. We continuously follow the technology and markets development trends in order to bring our customers new services, which meet their individual requirements.

For more info, please call us +358-9+31577800, or send email: myynti(2)